Warranty Information

Every one of our installations comes with the following guarantee:

Lifetime Warranty on Installation- Any issues that stem from the installation not being completed properly will always be covered by us. Any issues that are caused by user error, software error, the product, or any other external factor beyond the install itself would not qualify for this coverage.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee- Any service calls to resolve issues that arise within a 90 day period are covered by us. This includes but is not limited to defective product, software issues, and user error issues. Due to the nature of a user-caused issue there is a maximum of 3 service calls that are covered at no charge within the 90 day period, at which point any further service calls would be billable.  

Product Warranty- The product we sell comes with its own warranty, typically ranging between 1-10 years. Should any of it become defective during its warranty period the repair or replacement of the unit is covered so long as it qualifies with the manufacturer’s warranty terms, (physical damage is not covered). We can provide the service necessary to remove/reinstall the unit, for which there would be a charge unless it occurs within the 90 day satisfaction period or the customer has purchased extended coverage with us.