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Mission Audio Visual aims to rise to the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for professional installers of the latest and greatest automation technologies for smart homes and commercial venues.

It’s great being able to control your shades with the touch of a button, and it’s even better having them automated. Automated shades will let you control multiple shades at once (as many as you like) and can be set to a schedule or a scene. A schedule will determine a shade’s position based off the time, such as closing the living room and kitchen shades during the evening, whereas a scene will set them to pre-determined positions based off your preferences. For example an entertainment scene might be set to close front shades and open back ones, while a morning scene will open them all. You can control the shades from your phone, from a keypad on the wall, or even via a touchpad, voice control, or a wall-mounted Ipad. Shades can be customized to fit into almost any space and have a great variety of colours and materials to choose from. There are also weatherproof options that can be mounted externally.

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