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We provide a wide range of installation services for automation technologies for your home and commercial space. Our team of experience installers has updated knowledge and training on the field, and everyone is equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out each installation job smoothly, quickly and, more importantly, correctly.

Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire house with lighting that can be controlled remotely, or just the wall behind your big screen TV, we can accommodate. Lighting is one of the more commonly overlooked features when considering home décor. If you’re wondering why your new sectional sofa doesn’t look quite as inviting as it did at the store, it’s probably the lighting. By setting the right color temperatures we can make any room feel inviting and cozy, or bright and energized, and the best part about smart lighting is that you don’t have to commit to one or the other. We will program your system so that you can change it with the press of a button, or just have it change automatically throughout the day. You can have the lights in your home follow your circadian rhythm, which has been proven to have health benefits as it can improve your sleep and reduce stress.

Our Home Automation & Audio/Video Services include:

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